Aileen Bassis

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My work is in photography, printmaking, installation and bookarts.  
My themes are social and political issues.

A few websites have published features about my work:
The Library as Incubator Project  
365 Artists / 365 Days
Jersey City Independent

I'm also a published poet: here's a list of publications and a poem.
My window
installation at
New York City,
October, 2010
From "Homilies for the 99% (Paul the Peddler)" 2014, 16 x 16", a collage of prints and
mixed media referencing a text from a young adult novel by the late-19th-century
writer Horatio Alger. Exhibited in
"ConText" at Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, in
2014, and was included in the 2015 Newark Open Doors Exhibition
"Emerging Ideas." Work
from this series will be in the upcoming exhibition I'm curating at Manhattan's Westbeth Gallery:
"Unpacking the 2lst Century," opening June 4, 2016 with art by
Aliza Augustine, Patricia Cazorla, Patricia Dahlman and Nancy Saleme.  
"Croatian Prayer," 2013
Two of my artist books were on exhibit at the "2013 New Jersey Arts Annual: Currents
in Contemporary Crafts,"
at The Noyes Arts Garage, Stockton College, Atlantic City.
The springboard for one of the pieces,
"Croation Prayer," illustrated below, was a
prayer book purchased during a Spring 2013 trip through Eastern Europe.  
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