Aileen Bassis

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My work is in photography, printmaking, installation and bookarts.  
My themes are social and political issues.

Here's a recent
article about me and my artwork.

I'm also a published poet:
here's a list of publications and a poem.
My window installation
at Chashama266, New
York City, October, 2010
From "Homilies for the 99% (Paul the Peddler)"
2014, 16 x 16", a collage of prints and mixed media
referencing a text from a young adult novel by the
late-19th-century writer Horatio Alger.
"Croatian Prayer," 2013
Two of my artist books were on exhibit at the "2013 New Jersey Arts Annual:
Currents in Contemporary Crafts,"
at The Noyes Arts Garage
of Stockton College, Atlantic City, ending  February 2, 2014.
The springboard for one of the pieces, "Croation Prayer," illustrated below, was a
prayer book purchased during a Spring 2013 trip through Eastern Europe.  
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