Aileen Bassis

".....on the Legacy of Slavery"

I started this group during the summer of 2008.  Like so many, I was riveted by
the Presidential race. And I was dismayed to hear people say that Obama just
seemed too unknown, not trustworthy; I attribute that discomfort to racism, to the
legacy of slavery.  I began creating these book and wall pieces about slavery,
incorporating historical texts and images of people of different races in our urban
world.  This work is ongoing.
Free - women is an accordian book combining digital photos and lithographic prints
with a text from the Dred Scott decision.
Total size is 15 x 37 1/4"             
Once  , a handmade artists book of digital photos and
lithographs with text
Sisters includes text from a first
person narrative with digital
photographs and paint. 14 x 25 1/2"
Which Way combines lithographs with hand sewn text.  The printed text is from a first person
account about a meeting with imprisoned Africans from  the Armistad slave rebellion.        
(18 3/4 x 63 1/2") .

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I've made several photopolymer etchings that work with these images and
text.  Click
here if you'd like see  a few of these  works.