Aileen Bassis

"Balkan Palimpsest"

A palimpsest is a manuscript that has been erased and rewritten. This group of
work was inspired by a recent trip through eastern Europe. A few months after I
returned, I was invited to create work using maps for an exhibition at Seton Hall
University. I made a group of prints (all 10" x 8") and a group of book pieces
combining maps of the Balkan area with images of statues -- both heroic and
religious -- and the ubiquitous wild dogs that roam all over the former Communist
countries. The dogs were a both a metaphorical and literal symbol of the state
of these countries.

I included names: names of the Danube in the many languages of the region,
names of the many cultures, empires and regimes that have come and gone.  
This work is all  from 2013.  
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