Aileen Bassis

"Homilies for the 99%"

is about income inequality, a defining issue of our time.  A homily is a moral
lesson, often a platitude that favors broad brushstrokes of generalities over
complex and subtle examination of issues.  

The aspect of homilies in this work is derived from the literature of Horatio Alger,
a writer from the 19th century. He wrote enormously popular books for young
adults that stressed simple moral virtues such as honesty and hard work as the
means to climb from poverty to financial security. People were reading these
during the Depression.  These ideas are still floating around and used to blame
people for their poverty rather than blame  institutional forces.

This work combines images and text from Horatio Alger novels with urban street
imagery to make prints with mixed media.
Sam's Chance, 2014, 16 x 16"
Shifting, 2014, 16 x 16"
Adrift, 2014, 16 x 16"'
One Vacancy, 6 lithographs with
pencil, each 10 x 8"  2014