MNKK Rebild 2012 was a gathering of artists in the North Jutland region of
Denmark.  I was invited to participate along with artists from Iceland, Norway and
Spain.  I created some work about Danish identity that was exhibited in a
1000-year-old church: "Danish Puzzle." I asked people, as I traveled, about their
identity, how they saw their place in their country, in Europe, and in the world,
jotting down their answers and taking photos of them.  I combined these photos
and quotes to make a composite portrait with puzzle pieces, a metaphor for the
difficulty of putting the pieces of history and language and identity together.
I continued to rework this material into collages and altered books.
Digital photos printed on A4 paper   2012
Aileen Bassis

"MNKK Rebild 2012"
“Identity Puzzle # 2” (above),
2012, reworks this residency
material,combining digital photos,
lithography and ink on paper in a
collage, 19 1/2 x 25 ½”
Above is another approach to this,
titled “Danish Story,” 2013, an
altered Danish history book with
digital photos and puzzle pieces.