In 2013, I had the idea of making some artists books amd
collaborating with a poet. Then, it occured to me that I might try
writing my own poetry.  I never studied creative writing and though I
was always an avid reader and loved poetry, I didn't know anything
about its form and structure. I began taking workshops, at Poets
House and the Unterberg Center at the 92nd St. Y, in NYC and
attended a few writing conferences.  Poetry has really taken off for
me and some days it's a tug of war between putting my energy into
making art or revising poems.

This is a 2015 8 page folded book made from a single sheet of paper
with lithographs, transfer prints of a book using one of my poems.  I
saw a map of gravitational anomalies, the idea that gravity as an
inconsistent force intrigued me.  
Aileen Bassis

"Gravitational  Anomalies"