Aileen Bassis

"Mom's Madhouse"

During the summer of 2006, I spent a month at a peaceful, remote artist residency
in rural Finland and began to create work about my mother's journey into
dementia.   I did several variations of handmade books and some wall pieces....
The title above is taken from my daily phone calls to my mother, who often told me,
"It's a madhouse here."
"Mom's Madhouse # 1" c. 2006. It's 10" High and each page is 7" wide, the total width
is 70"  This is a 10 page handsewn accordian book of paper lithographs.  It can be
viewed page by page or spread out as seen above. Below are pg. 1-2 and 7-8.   
"Something Wrong"
altered book with digital photos
and mixed media.
The text reads (in case the  
resolution doesn't display  
clearly enough for you):
"There's something wrong         
with the clocks, phone,    
keys, the door"
"Years Ago" c. 2006 altered book with digital photos and mixed media