Aileen Bassis

"Muslims in America"

is a project I began in 2010.  I responded to a call from San Francisco poet Beau
Beausoleil who began the Al-Mutannabi Street Project, an international
project of artists' books that now has over 270 artists and is traveling around the
world.  I photographed a Muslim friend, asking her about how she feels about her
identity, and used her quote: "I get tired of defending my faith" in both English and
Arabic in this small (8" x 8" closed) book.
I felt compelled to make more work on this topic.  I made a 10-page
double-sided accordion book of lithographs, including prints from photos
taken around the World Trade Center site, and then interviewed and
photographed several more Muslim Americans, making more books.
"Muslim in America (Farooq)"
is a six-page double-sided
accordion book,  
each page 11 x 11"
"Muslim in America (Maliha)" uses
lithographs and transfer prints on
different-sized pages.  The book is 15" x
11" closed, and opens to 15" x 39"