"Migration Stories: Silent Witnesses -
Synagogues Transformed, Rebuilt or Left Behind"
was a group exhibition at the Holocaust Center of Detroit
Artists created work specifically for this exhibition:  

I'm tentatively calling this group of work "Stories End" --
a group of photos that create virtual altered books

For a long time I’ve wanted to make some art about the lost world of my  
childhood in the South Bronx in the 1950’s.  As time goes on, the world I grew
up in becomes more and more remote.  On one of my  bookshelves is an old
book, “Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends.”  It was awarded from our Temple
Sisterhood to my older brother.  I discovered it when emptying my parents’
apartment.  We owned very few books (I went to the library a lot) and I read
this book over and over.  This relic of my childhood has become the heart of  
this project.  I’ve made a group of photos of this book that are virtually altered
books.  I took a drive one Sunday, photographing former Bronx synagogues.  
They are scattered all over, near Yankee Stadium, in my old neighborhood of
Highbridge, along the Grand Concourse (which my mother called “the Park
Avenue of the Bronx). They are now transformed into churches, community
centers, or abandoned, left behind as the community changed. Each photograph
incorporates a synagogue photo and each photo contains pieces of a fairy tale
text from that book showing the end of the stories, all  fragments of a lost world.
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"Migration Stories"