Aileen Bassis

Risograph Books and Prints

I became interested in exploring the potential of printing on a Risograph
machine and produced work beginning in the fall of 2015 at a new lab at School
of Visual Arts in NYC. It's a mechanical screen printing machine with great
translucent inks and the capability to print directly from computer files.
I've produced several artists books and some print editions.
In My Country, 2015. I asked immigrants what they miss living here, and what
they miss when they think about their homeland. Some of their answers are in
this book. 16 pages with 2 gatefolds, handsewn binding, 11" x 8.75"
Homilies for the 99% or the Resurrection and  Resurgence of Horatio
, 2016. This book was made to accompany the exhibit I curated at
Westbeth Gallery in NYC, and was part of a group of works about the issue of
income inequality. This group of work references 19th century author Horatio
Alger. His enormously popular books stressed the notion that hard work and
honesty will enable individuals to rise out of poverty and find financial security.  
20 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
A 1930's Photo of A Room in Ohio, 2016. This book was inspired by a photo
in the Library of Congress collection of WPA photos. I wrote a poem about this
photo and altered the image in various ways. Risograph and laser printing. Six
pages with a plastic paper (trade name Yupo) cover. 8.5" x 11.5".
The two Riso prints below, Grit #1, Grit #3, 2016, include text from a
Horatio Alger book asking,"Have you got grit?"
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