Aileen Bassis

Holocaust Books
2004 -2005  Found books with   
transfer  prints, paint,  wire, thread.
2003 - 2004 Photocopy transfer
prints, thread, wire, book arts.
The Aftermath (9/11)
2002 Installation
I create series of  images around social / political topics. My work includes  
installations and bookarts.  My mediums are photography, collage and
printmaking combined with other media.

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Please contact me for price information. Most artworks are $600 - $1200.

Here's a link to a sketchbook that I did for
"The Sketchbook Project"
about my relationship with my elderly mother.
2006  Bookarts and prints  about aging
and   dementia.
Queens Stories
2007  Altered books created for Jamaica
Flux: Workspace and Windows 2007
(public art project)
Art about multiculturalism, created at a
This digital photograph was created
for an exhibit at the
Holocaust Center of Detroit, which
opened February 2012.  It's one of
a group of four that were part of:
Silent Witnesses: Migration
Stories through Synagogues  
Transformed, Rebuilt
or Left Behind

I used an old fairy tale book and
photos of former synagogues in
the Bronx (where I grew up).
See more about this project
by clicking
Muslims in America:   bookarts
2010 - 2015
Time to Leave
2018-19 etchings from a series
about immigration and migration.