Aileen Bassis
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I took my first poetry workshop in 2013 and have been writing poetry and
continuing to take workshops ever since.
I’m delighted that my poetry has found a home in the journals below.
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Online Publications:

Here is a recent poem, published in Canary: Winter 2015-2016 (with a
few editorial changes
: revision, revision).

Turnpike Pastorale

East, the highway loops, divides
traffic into a fitful stream
of blinking brake lights

that scatter randomly
over ramps, onto a cloverleaf,
profuse as mayflies.

Across a western spur,
smokestacks dimly frame
a smear of trucks

where a swamp fills with wind
moving thick water
past switchgrass and cattails.

Southward, a litter of warehouses
and factories roil.  The highway
widens with lanes and north

tosses a luckless handful
of once promising  cities
crowned with exhaust

clouds edged green
as oil film floating
on New York bay.
  • Amoskeag The Literary Journal of Southern New Hampshire Univ. "Time Travel"
    Spring 2014
  • Exit 13 Magazine "Erie Street" Spring 2014
  • Grey Sparrow Journal "The Sun I Can't See," September 2015 print edition;  
    "Swimmer," "It's About Physics," online edition, September 2015
  • Katzenhatz (from Bank Heavy Press)  "Pennies"
  • The Milo Review "Photos on a Wall" Winter 2014
  • Minetta Review (NYU) "Possessions" Fall 2017   
  • The Pinch Literary Journal "The Phantom"  Fall 2015
  • Pittsburgh Poetry Review "Spring Clean-Up Bill" 2017
  • Poetry Quarterly "No Line Between," "Word Stumble Run" Winter 2013
  • The Red Branch Journal "Sur le Pont" Spring 2014
  • River Poets Journal "Linden Swamp" September 2013
  • The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine “The Persian Miniaturist in
    Palermo,” “Alice. B. Toklas: I Heard A Bell,” “Summer Afternoon on Fourth  Street,”
    “To the Lower Manhattan Skyline,” February 2016
  • Spillway Poetry Magazine "Russian Cathedral" June 2015
  • Still Point Quarterly "Pure Water" December 2014
  • Stone Canoe Journal, Syracuse University "Luncheon in Lagrasse" # 10, January
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Here's a December 10, 2017 interview with me in Mud Season Review Issue # 33 by
poetry editor Grier Martin. I was one of six poets asked about my inspirations and the
act of writing poetry.